Nina Zhou

Sydney Escort Girl



Introducicng Nina, she is the sweet talking, cute bootie, party animal and sexual demon. Once you are in the room with her and the door is closed don’t take your eyes of her because she will have torn your pants off and swallowed your cock whole within about half a second.



“There is nothing our Nina loves more than to pull out her ‘box of naughty tricks’. Fuck me, if you didn’t know any better you would think she was preparing for a fucking magic show. Well, Nina – Abra Fucking Ka Dabra: make my cock disappear. In your pussy, down your throat – I don’t care, but just as long as you make me cum! One by one. Just imagine they are magic wands shooting off some kind of delicious love spell or something. You get the picture.”



If you are a sex enthusiast looking for your next “tasteful” hit then try Nina’s famous Strawberry Blowjob (check out her video). Her flirtatious Taiwanese accent will have you quivering near the balls ready to cum and ready to book her again for round two. Film your own strawberry blowjob and tweet the video with #strawberryBJ – its currently going viral.

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