Erika Lai

Sydney Asian Erika


Some girls just do not know the meaning of sleep – and the epitome of this is one of our favourite girls Erika Lai.  In saying this, Erika is more turbo charged than your average girl even when she hasnt slept in the past 24 hours.  So if you are a man who likes his sexy Asian escort to captain the ship then Erika Lai perfect.


Erika came to Australia and didnt dream of living in the ‘Toaster’ building or Darling Square.  She shipped from Mascot straight to Parramatta.  We have reliable sources that tell us she has an extended family who reside in the area.  Erika is the most exotic mix of Asian you are likely to ever come across.  She is half Lebanese and half Chinese.  Her parents were well before their time in designer babies – but we can vouch that Erika has the most exquisite genetics we have ever seen!


Yeah, so the last time Erika was on a dinner date was with her uncle in China before she boarded the Parramatta Express one way.  If you want a long hours booking with Erika it will not be wasted with small talk over an undersized dessert at Quay or maybe some Wagyu at Tetsuya – Erika will be non stop at it for every second.  So if you are the type of guy who enjoys a night club or a private party in a hotel room book Erika today!

Now performing her magic tricks in Melbourne!


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