Emily Li

Sydney Escort


Emily really is a humble girl and she values honesty even more than modesty. Her looks are amazing.  She is young, slim, and has the most generous personality. However, where she really shines is with her service. It has become famous around Sydney and secretly, it turns her on to know how good she is at pleasing men.


She has piercing green eyes and her confidence allows her to stare directly at you and feel your every emotion and quiver of excitement. When you are spending time together it will feel like you are one person. She will feel your orgasm and you will feel hers. You can only imagine the intensity of your feelings for one another when you climax together and enter a world of absolute euphoria.


Emily is one of our fresh escorts at only 27 years young. Don’t let this fool you though because her sexual desires are equal to that of a lady twice her age. Together you can explore each others boundaries and limits. You can push pleasure to the ultimate extreme and ensure a lifetime of orgasmic memories to be shared.

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