Cara Xiao

Best Sydney Escort


Wow – The sex gods must be looking down on you today because Cara is the cutest, naughtiest, youngest Chinese vixen in Sydney.

So gentlemen, this is who you are:

  1. The young boys out there fresh out of school who want to pay for sex with someone who is actually there own age;
  2. The older men who want to relive their youth and remember what it was like to be with someone so energetic and playful;
  3. Anyone who enjoys tight Asian pussy.


With her real age being nineteen that is probably enough to have men lining up out the door for her.  But wait until I tell you about her amazing service.  After a bad breakup with my ex-boyfriend she learnt that a way to a man’s heart (and wallet) is through pleasure.  Sloppy natural blowjobs, sensual body slides, loud moans and screams while she rides and grinds you, and enjoy cum dripping out of her mouth.  Those are just a few of the things to expect when you book her. She will soon be famous as Sydney’s Youngest Asian Working Girl.


Generally, things get bigger when they become older.  People, trees, animals. pussys.  So – when Cara mounts you like a horse you can expect a tight fit.  Even for those of you boys with smaller packages – the natural pressure from a relatively untouched snatch will have you wanting to cum upon entry.

Try not to, because if you last even a minute you will soon start to feel her sweet juices dripping and sliding slowly onto your pelvis.  Being young she is prone to quick and easy orgasms – and especially so when she spends time with young gentlemen (joking – all gentlemen get her horny).


Cara is currently experimenting with the same sex and consider’s herself bisexual.  Why not add her to a night with one of your other favourite JK Asian Sydney Escorts?


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