Amanda Li

The Epitome of High Class 

“Once a year someone special enters the Sydney Escort scene. Someone so glamorous, so elegant, and so naughty that their name is the first thought you have every Friday. She is the girl who seems to good to be true. Then you book her and she is better than expected – so you book her again and again … and again.”

Who is Amanda Li?


Amanda shared a story with us last week.  She recently confided in her closest friend about her work as a high class Sydney escort.  Her friends response surprised her:  “You were born for this.”

She proceeded to tell Amanda that she was the epitome of sophistication, elegance, and somewhat embarrassingly (she said she was embarrassed), sexuality.

Amanda has 28 years of life experience.  She boasts having visited seventy countries and resided in five, studied at two universities and only ever had one boyfriend.  She pretends to be shy but she certainly is not shy about anything in her life because it has all contributed to the confident, intelligent, and cheeky girl she is today.

But be careful, she has a fierce temper hidden away for those special occasions. For example, last week one of her clients told her his favourite thing about her was my “infectious giggle”.  She was a little upset that strange sounds coming from her mouth outranked her seriously tight frame, sexy arse, and perfect tits!

Tailored Service


JK laughs when upon reading escort descriptions that flaunt girls as offering “Diamond Service”.  We thought JK was dying of laughter one day but it turns out the phrase “Dragon Service” was mentioned.

If Amanda’s worldly experience has taught her anything its that human beings are the most distinctive and unique creatures. We share so much in common yet internally are stimulated by urges that cannot be described or categorised. Most certainly they cannot be lumped into a shiny rock (or a mythical creature) and flaunted as special.

For this reason (and also because she yearns to satisfy), Amanda tailors her service to the individual. She never checks the time and will always spend the first five to ten minutes after you meet to find out about the amazing new friend she has just met. Her intuition and high EQ will ensure you are completely satisfied.  She is open minded and open to anything except Anal and unsafe sex.

I’ll end on a boring note and give you the only “list” of what I don’t do: Anal and Natural Sex.

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